The 24′ 1954 Rolls Royce monster

1954 Rolls Royce - Nick Wons

So one of my good friends recently brought this beastly beauty into his life and he asked me to take some photos of it. Unfortunately we couldn't get it to a fancy location for a shoot but this beauty shines all on her own no matter where she is. It's a 24 foot long, 7,500 lb, chromed out titan with $33k in the shiny stuff and only 56000 on the odo and it can be yours for a cool $125,000.00 CDN OBO. (more pics after break)


So if you have a rich old uncle who likes cars, or you are that rich old uncle, feel free to contact me for more info via my contact page. If you can only dream, well,  feel free to stare at the photos as long as you need to. haha.

I managed to find a video of her on Youtube

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