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The 24′ 1954 Rolls Royce monster

1954 Rolls Royce - Nick Wons

So one of my good friends recently brought this beastly beauty into his life and he asked me to take some photos of it. Unfortunately we couldn't get it to a fancy location for a shoot but this beauty shines all on her own no matter where she is. It's a 24 foot long, 7,500 lb, chromed out titan with $33k in the shiny stuff and only 56000 on the odo and it can be yours for a cool $125,000.00 CDN OBO. (more pics after break)


My first show! PWB Canada 02.29.12 (Toronto)


2012 is here, and I hope it's been off to as good of a start for you as it has been for me! Don't ask me how it's already February because your guess is as good as mine, however as busy as it's been it's certainly been very productive. The new website has been really successful in the month it's been up putting through 2,100 unique visitors and 12,000 views from 54 countries, not too shabby!


#MotivationalMonday- It all goes back in the box…

Last night I was up with some friends and watched the latest Zeitgeist video, Moving Forward (2011). As always, the Zeitgeist series is a great series, however the intro on this one really struck a chord and so I figured I would share it. It's a little long, but it's a great read and really makes you think.