Canada Day 2014: 2 ON 2 BREAKIN BATTLE!

On Canada Day this year DJ Serious and BBoy Benzo of the legendary Bag of Trix Crew/RBP hosted their annual 2 on 2 Bboy & BGirl battle at Toronto's Harbourfront Center WestJet Stage. Judged by FIL FURY, NASTIC, and FLEX BTX the turn out was  awesome with all the breakers (some as far away as New York City) competing for a $1000 cash prize.

The following is a list of the BBoys & BGirls that were posted as competing, please forgive my ignorance as to who's who and what not as I love breakdancing however aside from some of the well-known veterans in Toronto I don't have any idea who anybody is (Toronto graffiti writers is a whole different story ;) )

1.Leftelep & Rein- Rudes Zebrah
2.Tricky Troublez & Switch B- The Fam
3. Stompy and Narrow)-Soul Patrol
4. Beff riceano & Toby montana-387
5. KK-47 & Kevyo - Dirty Pandaz
6. Maximum Efficiency Crew - Handlez & Emstro
7. Demonic Squadron - Styx and Zen
8. Show'em & Jin -91 Flava
9. Dice & Diction
10. Will and Jp - Cb&J
11. AOK - Kevin mike and Starz
12. Fab and Knowski - (FAM)
13. Sektor & Rulentlez
14. Harold & Kumar (Isaac & Khausi)
15. Andrey & CroSel - Enigmatic Flava
16. NinjaKinx (Disstorsion)
17. Mars and Super T - T.E.K
18. illforce (montreal).
19. Progressive Movement
20. 360 Flava (NYC)
21. Weapons of Movement
22. Saiko Skematiks
23. Soul Fire & Chuckles
24. Double Jump - Raine/Rubexcube
25. Rocky and VFX
26. Akira and Ryu
27. YUTA n Nobuki
28. Shota & Kenshiro
29. Melad and Concise (Floetic crew)
30. Orc
31. G.T.A Hooligans
32. Imperial KingZ
33. Miyu & Mike (M&M Crew)
34. scarCity samurai
35. Riku and Shuhei
36. GI
37. GWS

If you're like what you see and are looking to see more don't forget that Benzo, DJ Serious and DJ Fathom host a weekly event at Andy Poolhall on College St EVERY TUESDAY night that is always rammed with a bunch of really talented breakers. So if you like this, certainly don't miss out on a Tuesday at Andy Poolhall.

You can check the full album here on my Facebook page


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