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What if money was no object…

Digital life of a pixel pusher.

As always I'm surfing the web and randomly coming across some pretty outrageous and obscure stuff on a daily basis, but yesterday I found a video that made me stop and think a little longer than most. The following video is an audio excerpt from a lecture by the late Alan Watts and I suggest taking 3 minutes to give it a listen.


No more split ends with…LEGO hair!

mindplay: bricks on me by elroy klee

Well I suppose the up side of having a wig made of Lego would be the fact you wouldn't need to wash it as often as you would hair (I wouldn't know anything about that though as I've been shaving my head since I was 15). One thing is for sure, it wouldn't be something you could run your hair through, but if it rains and you're sans umbrella, need not worry bout your hair getting messy.


Photoshoots with ants…wait! WHAT?!

Andrey Pavlov

I've seen all sorts of cool macro photography out there as I'm sure many of you have, and I've seen a lot of cool stuff done with posing humans and animals, but have you ever seen it done with..ants?  Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov knows all about it, and produces some pretty wild scenes with these little guys. Hit the jump for a peek at some of these awesome shots, and a link to the entire collection with a ton more.