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Canada Day 2014: 2 ON 2 BREAKIN BATTLE!

On Canada Day this year DJ Serious and BBoy Benzo of the legendary Bag of Trix Crew/RBP hosted their annual 2 on 2 Bboy & BGirl battle at Toronto's Harbourfront Center WestJet Stage. Judged by FIL FURY, NASTIC, and FLEX BTX the turn out was  awesome with all the breakers (some as far away as New York City) competing for a $1000 cash prize.




If you haven't noticed by now if there's one thing I really like it's unique jewelry cast in silver. Recently my good friend Korina Dahl  teamed up with local jeweler Lisa Kaczmarek of Kacz Designs to create these awesome handmade beauties in Vancouver under the name Katz & Dahl. I posted an image of these on my Facebook and I had a ton of people ask me where to get them so Korina got in touch with me last night with the latest details on how to order yours.


Vice x Virtue meets NWons (LIMITED EDITION)


So I've had a few clothing companies reach out to me to work on some collaborations, and the first one to go into production is my collaboration with Toronto's Vice x Virtue label. Available for pre-order right now these limited edition custom made shirts will be hitting the streets in September 2013 just in time for Manifesto Festival. Along with these high quality shirts we are also offering a FREE 8"x10" SIGNED & NUMBERED PRINT OF THE "DNA OF A CITY" IMAGE ON ALL PRE-ORDERS!!


Just a second, every day, for the rest of your life.

Coffee  2013- Nick Wons-1

Spring is in the air, sort of. It's been nice to get this winter behind us for the most part and start planning Spring/Summer 2013, however with the possibility of snow by the end of the week it's not leaving me a happy Nicky to say the least. I guess I shouldn't complain though because it could always be worse; could be dealing with earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, malaria mosquitoes and  venomous creatures that bite such as that new face sized tarantula discovered in Sri Lanka. Guess I'll take snow & cold FTW!


Newish to fishes..suggestions?

First piece of Salmon I'd ever eaten, it was gooood! @ Aji Sai (Toronto, ON)

Maybe it's because I'm a Pisces and I'm not into 'cannibalism' (ha ha), or maybe it's just because I stick true to the nickname "Picky Nicky" and sometimes have issues with stepping outside of my comfort zone when it comes to what food gets past my lips, however whatever the reason I'd never tried salmon before is it's now behind me.


TIFF 2012: ARGOF*CKYOURSELF! (Argo review)


I must admit, as much as I dislike the end of summer I always look forward to TIFF, and this year is no exception. I had the pleasure of attending the world premier screening of Ben Affleck's film "Argo" at Roy Thompson Hall on Friday, now I'm no hardcore movie buff but here is my quick review of Friday's screening of this action packed thriller.