Doll Island: The Creepiest Island Ever!

Located in the marshy area of Xochimilco, south of Mexico City, you'll find what in my opinion is one of the creepiest places on earth.

The history of the island begins in the 1950's, when a certain Don Julian Santana Barrera decides to live as a hermit, leaving wife and children behind. Shortly after his arrival on the island, Don Julian became convinced that he is haunted by the spirit of a little girl drowned in the canal bordering the island. To appease the ghost of the girl and protect himself from bad luck, Don Julian started collecting old abandoned dolls which sometimes drifted in the water. One by one, he would attach them to the trees on the island, forming a strange mausoleum in honor of the deceased child.

Don Julian Santana Barrera was found drowned April 17, 2001, at the age of 80 years. He lived alone on the island for the last 50 years of his life.

Would you visit this island? Would you spend the night? It's been added to my bucket list of places to visit!

Photos:  Nasser Malek Hernandez FLICKR, website

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