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For once in the past few months I've actually got time to post something new in here that isn't event photos. Wow. Don't get me wrong I love taking club photos and posting them (b/c of all those pretty ladies obv...and the traffic), but those types of posts aren't the only things this blog was made for and sadly it's been the only time I've had to come back here and post. Until tonite!
So here's a recap for those who don't have me on Facebook...

Life in my world has been a little hectic to say the least. Recently moved, said goodbye to the place I lived for the past 3 yrs., it was the place where I spent my summers as a kid, the place my grandparents first moved to in Toronto in the 60's, and the home where my mother and her siblings grew up. It feels like yesterday when we sold it, but at times that yesterday feels like 2 lifetimes ago. The new place I'm in is great, the furnishing of a house is too, aside from trying to move furniture in and the joys of paying for it all. However I can take comfort in the fact that eventually I'll be settled in...or at least I'm hoping so. Way way too many plans for this house. (Home Depot is my new addiction)


Photography biz has been great so far in 2012, certainly been picking up steam and booking the summer up quite quickly with a few exciting projects on the way with some absolutely gorgeous models, and another one with a very talented photographer from the UK collaborating on an exhibition. Most recently I've had the pleasure of working with the Director's Guild of Canada covering a discussion panel, and last week shot for Telefilm Canada at the annual Golden Box Office Award (aka "Goldies') where director Richard J. Lewis and scriptwriter Michael Konyves both brought home awards for the film Barney's Version.  

DGC Panel @ TIFF Bell Lightbox

Goldie winners Michael Konyves & Richard J. Lewis with Telefilm executive director Carolle Brabant

Somewhere in amidst all of that madness I find time to sleep, eat, and hold down my other full time job and try to see my loved ones while juggling all the rest of the curve balls live throws at you on a daily basis. Still not quite sure what all the hype about "becoming an adult" was when I was a kid, I'd tradesies back, just for a day. Ok, maybe two.

So that's life on the 'wild' side of the lens, and the not so much wild. Like I had said earlier, I'll be getting back to posting on here more frequently in the near future so consider this the first of many new posts to come, but now it's time for bed.

next post: #MotivationalMonday: Making the right choices in life…

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