Labour of Love 2013 @ GUV

One word can explain #LoL2013... MADNESS!

After all my years in the scene in Toronto as a photographer or as a party person I'd never attended a Labour of Love event at Guvernment before, until this year. For those of you who have never been lets just say it's a mix of some amazing music and artists, beautiful people (especially the dancers!), crazy light shows and enough energy to power a decent sized city all under one all access roof for 2 nights and encompassing Chroma, Skybar, Guvernment & Kool Haus venues.

Wang 'n Wons...Team Visualbass! (photo:

As is the recent trend I found myself on location once again with Tobias from Visualbass Photography and needless to say after the magic that we worked @ Digital Dreams Festival 2013 I was quite excited to see what we would come up with this time around, sure enough  it was a wild success and a ton of fun! I've uploaded a gallery of the images we shot on here for you to see and you can also check them out on my Facebook page here.

next post: Projek: Dub FX @ Opera House ft Vilify

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