Lazy, yet not so Lazy Sundays

Golden Explosion

I like to spend them at home editing photos such as the one in this post. It's not often I get time to just hang out and do nothing (without getting distracted) so productive days like this are always a welcome addition to my schedule, or current lack there of. And when there is time to be lazy then that means make the most of exerting as little energy moving so that means using a keyboard and mouse are certainly acceptable "low impact" activities, at least that's how my brain works.

I still can't wrap my head around the fact that 2012 is almost over, shot by like a bullet. 2013 is looking to be a great year with a few personal projects I've been toying with finally coming to light in the first couple months, it's been a ton of Moleskine and Evernote usage to get my thoughts organized. With that being said my first mission is getting the Etsy store finished where I'll be selling limited edition signed prints (75% completed), next up on December 1st I'll be launching a contest for my Facebook fans, then the other stuff is hush-hush until it actually kicks off. I'm fairly confident you'll be pleasantly surprised with what's up my sleeve so keep your eyes peeled to the feed.

The rest of this evening will be spent finishing off my photos from Camp 30 which is an abandoned WWII POW camp myself and a few friends visited a couple of weeks back, maybe catch a new episode of Bob's Burgers, stocking up the Etsy store a little more, and if there's time after my nightly dose of CTV National News I'll get some Battlefield 3 rounds in on good 'ol Xbox Live before bed.

Speaking of getting stuff done, has anybody started/finished their Christmas shopping yet? I feel like such a slacker every year when it comes to that stuff. It's not a good look.



next post: Visiting Ontario’s last P.O.W. camp: Camp 30

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