No more split ends with…LEGO hair!

mindplay: bricks on me by elroy klee

Well I suppose the up side of having a wig made of Lego would be the fact you wouldn't need to wash it as often as you would hair (I wouldn't know anything about that though as I've been shaving my head since I was 15). One thing is for sure, it wouldn't be something you could run your hair through, but if it rains and you're sans umbrella, need not worry bout your hair getting messy.

This project by Elroy Klee, called "Mindplay: bricks on me"  was part of an advertisement campaign, what exactly the ad campaign was for I'm not sure (LEGO for adults? LEGO line of hair products) but this certainly does look cool and is certainly a unique shoot concept.

mindplay: bricks on me by elroy klee

mindplay: bricks on me by elroy klee
Maybe after all these years and constant pressure to grow my hear out I'll cave in, go all 8 bit, plastic, and garden hose washable with it. hehe, just a thought.

project info:

concept & art direction: Elroy Klee
photography: Niki Kits-Polman & Ebo Fraterman
make-up: Esther Dijkman
assistant: Augiaz Pattipeilohy

Source:  designboom

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