Love, from beyond…Paranormal much?!

This image gives me goosebumps, let me tell you why...

My grandparents moved from the Ukraine back in the 50's, lived in Quebec for a little before finally settling in Toronto in the late 50's. They only ever had one home in this city, a 3 storey semi detached house in the west end of town where my mother and her siblings grew up.

I was really close with my mothers parents, they spent a lot of time taking care of us as kids as my parents work life was beyond hectic and we would spend most of our summers at their house if we weren't up at the cottage. My grandfather and I shared a special bond, he used to take me down to Eglinton Flats and we would watch people play soccer, fish at Grenadier Pond, go for walks, he was like a 2nd father to me and I'm sure my siblings would agree they shared the same connection with this great man.

In the early 90's my grandfather became gravely ill with cancer, he was a strong man both mentally and physically and so it was almost a 8yr battle with cancer until he just couldn't fight it any more. Before he was buried, we took the icon of the Virgin Mary from over his bed and had planned to place it in his casket with him. It was to our surprise, shock and I cant really otherwise describe the feeling of what we saw on the wall underneath it... the shape of a heart.

There was no smoking in the house, I cant remember the windows ever being open in his bedroom, nothing that I can think of that would cause such an unusual pattern behind something that hung on a wall untouched for almost 50 years. I adjusted with the photo above in Lightroom to bring up the mark so you can see it better as it has faded over the years since the icon came down, but the faint marks are still on that wall, and I'm sure his spirit still is in this house.

So yeah, that's my little paranormal story for today, I've had a few other encounters in my life but this one really hits home.

RIP grandpa. I miss you.

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