MontReal weekend 2014

Weekends in Montreal don't get much better than this, they really don't, but some would argue that's what a proper weekend in the city is like.

It'd been 2 years since the last time I was up there visiting friends and family, this time I was also asked by my friend and international Playmate Celebrity DJ and Producer, Korina Dahl, to come up to Laval and be her personal photographer for her set at Moomba Theater. Checked that off the bucket list right quick!

Before I got to Saturday I ended up hanging out with my friend Ryan and his friend and fellow photographer, DannyGirl, and her MUA. We reached Imadake for Japanese food I would totally recommend stuffing into your face if you're in town. (Make reservations, it's totally a place you need to book ahead for... That and have Saki Bombs. ...MUST HAVE SAKI BOMBS!!) After the food, we hopped around to a few bars for drinks and such only to end up at an after hours venue where Ryan managed to convince me and the MC to let me on the mic.  Those who know me know it's something i used to be known for before I started shooting photos and I haven't done in ages, but I did it, and killed it. 2 hrs I the mic and I had the place BUMPING! Man that felt GREAT!  I've still got it ;)

So Saturday rolls around and I headed up to Laval to meet up with Korina before her set and to catch up for a little before her set, met her manager and some of the crew from MM Agency, and off to the club we went!

(If you're a DJ/Producer and looking for promo action shots get in touch with me to book me as your personal event photographer, You'll get nothing but great pics of you in action!)

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with my sister while she made 30 dozen perogies....

Korina_Dahl_Laval-Nick_Wons_2014-6982-1Tasty Town

If you're in Montreal and like perogies, shoot me an email. My sister makes them to order, 4 kinds to choose from, and all based off our baba's recipe and they come in generous portions...thinking about them just made me hungry. GAH!

next post: Abandoned warehouse rave? YES PLEASE!

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