Newish to fishes..suggestions?

First piece of Salmon I'd ever eaten, it was gooood! @ Aji Sai (Toronto, ON)

Maybe it's because I'm a Pisces and I'm not into 'cannibalism' (ha ha), or maybe it's just because I stick true to the nickname "Picky Nicky" and sometimes have issues with stepping outside of my comfort zone when it comes to what food gets past my lips, however whatever the reason I'd never tried salmon before is it's now behind me.

I had my first intro to sushi back in 2009 when visiting a friend in Montreal and she took  me to Tokyo Sushi on rue Ste-Catherine O. and it was love at first bite, well, with the exception of any fish stuff however she's a vegetarian so I figured I'd maybe cross that bridge when I got to it but for the time being I was safe. Wakame salad? Amazing. Miso soup? I'd drink it by the gallon. Edamame? YUM! Avocado & cucumber rolls? Heaven.  It wasn't until my recent trip to Aji Sai Japanese Restaurant on Queen St W. that my girlfriend convinced me to give some salmon a try, although it wasn't as much convincing as it was "here, eat this. now" and next thing you know I'm wolfing down the whole platter.

So with that being said I know a lot of sushi people are picky about what's good and where and since I'm new to the whole fish side of life and have an appreciation for sushi what are the places you suggest in Toronto to get sushi? What places should I avoid? What sushi do you recommend me trying next? I'll give you fair warning, I can't eat anything with shellfish otherwise I'll be taking a little visit to the local emergency ward, however I'd love to know your recommendations.

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