Visiting Ontario’s last P.O.W. camp: Camp 30

Ehrenwort is a German word meaning "Word of Honour"; this was what everything at Camp 30 revolved around. Unlike what you'd typically expect from a P.O.W. camp these prisoners were permitted to leave for the day on the honour system provided they returned for the evening's roll call. Although there were a few escape attempts during its operation, not one prisoner successfully escaped from Camp 30.

The land was initially property of a Mr. John H. H. Jury who in 1922 donated the 300 acre farm to start a school for "unadjusted boys who were not inherently delinquent" which was opened in 1927.  In April of 1941 the government issued a notice to the  school advising it was to be shut down and converted into a P.O.W. camp to house high-ranking German officers. Re-construction of the site into Camp 30 was completed in October of 1941 and it remained in operation until the end of World War 2 at which point the prisoners were shipped back to Europe and the school boys returned to classes as per normal.

One of the stories that I came across a few times when researching the place was the 'Battle of Bowmanville' which took place on the weekend of Saturday October 10th, 1942. For more information on the battle you can check out this link.

Otherwise, if you've had enough of the reading might I suggest checking out the photos below which I snapped on my adventure there this fall. Some of these prints will be available for purchase on my Etsy page in the coming week and I would love to know which one is your favourite so let me know in the comments below!

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