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Playing with fire- A.J Explosion

AJ Explosion

Since Facebook is having issues recently and making my uploads look like garbage thanks to nasty compression I've decided to post these pics up here. This week my friends and I went and checked out Something Strange at Comedy Bar on Bloor, it was a great show and I was happy I brought my camera because the fire show put on by A.J Explosion yielded some great shots.


Toni the Tigress.

The Tigress.

Rawr. She's certainly a beauty and you had better believe  there will be more pics and shoots to come in the very near future.  


Got a second? I barely do.

Digital life of a pixel pusher.

  For once in the past few months I've actually got time to post something new in here that isn't event photos. Wow. Don't get me wrong I love taking club photos and posting them (b/c of all those pretty ladies obv...and the traffic), but those types of posts aren't the only things this blog was made for and sadly it's been the only time I've had to come back here and post. Until tonite! So here's a recap for those who don't have me on Facebook...