Once..twice..three times…a lady?!

Ok, well I'm no lady, that's for sure, yet there's always a really sexy one on the cover and this issue is no exception.  This is the 3rd consecutive time I'm published in the pages of UMM and it's an honour yet again. (Vol #15 Issue #4 p. 27) The issue just hit news stands and taking a brief look I see a few faces I know that made it into this issue from the UMM Lucky 13th Anniversary Party photos I took @ Maison Mercer.

2011 was a tough year for me personally, but amidst all the struggles along the way I must say I am truly thankful for the opportunities it presented me with, and the great relationships that were created.

I would like to thank Abbis, Stephanie, Sue and all the others at UMM and UMM Entertainment Group for everything, you're all amazing. Shouts out to Nadin, Ryan & the whole staff at Tequila Jacks, it's been a great to meet you all over this year and a pleasure to work together as much as we did and as always I'm looking forward to the next shoot!

I would also like to extend a Happy New Year and best wishes to each and every single person I know. I wish nothing but much love, success and prosperity in the new year.

For those of you who have been asking where the rest of the photo's from UMM's 13th Anniversary party are, I'll email the magazine office and see if I can post them up for you all.

Thanks again & much love to you all in 2012, keep smiling!



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