So, I shot the X-Men…

This summer has amounted to the most busiest summer I've had so far and it isn't even over yet. Between the weekly club events @ The Fix Fridays @ Cobra I shoot as well as other events and clients, plus my regular day job I've managed to pull through some amazing gigs.

Most recently I was shooting images for the "X-MEN MASTER: GORDON SMITH" exhibition that will be on display @ TIFF Bell Lightbox from August 17th-31st 2012. I can't show you what's on display or tell you about the items, however I can say that if you are an X-Men fanatic or have an interest in special effects make-up then this is certainly and exhibit you do not want to miss as I found myself awestruck at many of the things that were placed in front of my lens. So be sure to check out TIFF's website for more info on the launch of this amazing show.

Aside from that it's crazy how fast this summer is drawing to a close, it feels like it was just yesterday that it was May. So to end off what's been a great summer I wanted to give back some thanks for the support I've received by kicking off a contest, the only catch is that I need to hit the 500 friends on my Facebook page. ;)

So if you haven't liked my page yet, be sure to check it out and show some love and you'll be first to find out how you could WIN A FREE PHOTOSHOOT (valued at $500)!

next post: Toni the Tigress.

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